As VP/GM of iQVC as it was know then, Mr. Spiegel was responsible for developing the site design, strategy, commerce applications, merchandise offering as well as assuring a world class customer experience.

iQVC was the first department store on the web and achieved profitable revenue over $100M under Mr. Spiegel's direction.  The site was rich with features that paved the way for many e-commerce applications of the future. Some of these early innovations were:

  • Established online community by launching the first in store moderated discussion forum
  • Feature Dictionary - leveraged QVC's library of product data for searchable product information
  • Launched the Square@iQVC - first concept of internet marketplace; announced while delivering keynote address at the premier Jupiter Shopping Summit
  • Shop Live TV - direct connection between live on air products and website
  • Established first use of conversion metrics - coined the phrase "browse to buy" ratio 
  • Created first in-store live chat sessions between celebrity on-air guests and consumers
  • Established large infrastructure of drop ship suppliers to augment QVC's existing inventory
  • Drop-ship supply chain issue became a catalyst for building a "PC on Wheels" to seamlessly integrate distributers to commerce system
    •  allowing consistency in pack slips for the QVC brand -
    • QVC invested in the company that developed the solution which today is a stand alone company called Commerce Hub which is now owned my Liberty Media helping to transact over $8 Billion in annual revenue
  • Helped direct initial Comcast internet investment strategies in companies such as @Home and The Knot