Tacit Knowledge, a subsidiary of Newgistics Inc. based in Austin, TX offer digital and logistics services useful for world-class brands in a cost-efficient manner. As the EMEA systems integrator of the year for Hybris software and an accomplished developer working for companies such as Levi’s, Nike, Mulberry and Converse – the team is well versed in the intricacies of online brand building coupled with delivering scalable, reliable end-to-end commerce systems on almost any platform chosen.

Fred Siegel Partners endeavor to create and implement media initiatives for corporations and leading non-profits with an eye on strategic collaborations and social engagement. Working across all media, Fred Siegel Partners engage in a wide range of projects leveraging a vast network of creative, media and advertising relationships. 

Fred Siegel has had a varied career as marketing lead, holding senior positions at QVC, for Excite, Excite @ Home, as well as Executive Creative Director at Ketchum Advertising and Group Creative Director of McCann Erickson NY. Fred also currently advises companies including Google Ventures-backed SideCar and non-profits including Ourtime.org, as well as serves as Director for ValueVision media.

Since Lauren Freedman founded the e-tailing group in 1993 the e-tailing group has positioned itself as niche, cross-channel, ecommerce consultancy that clearly understands shopping in any channel; skillfully mastering the art and the science of digital merchandising honed with a merchant’s sensibility. 

A seasoned 20–year e-commerce veteran, Lauren Freedman is the author of It's Just Shopping as well as a recognized and respected figure in Omni-channel retail. She has a passion for merchandising that she has parlayed as an evangelist for merchandising and customer service best practices. Her company's annual desktop, mobile and emerging Omni-channel mystery shopping provide a comprehensive overview of cross-channel commerce, setting industry standards while simultaneously highlighting best practices focusing on all aspects of any purchase journey via any device or channel.

Bollare is a bi-coastally headquartered, full-service, beauty, fashion and lifestyle public relations firm. Between offices in New York and Los Angeles, Bollare works with brands across three verticals: celebrity seeding, digital consultancy and traditional press coverage.

Bollare has earned a reputation amongst clients, editors, producers and stylists as a go-to for top-tier, contemporary brands. Bollare clients range from leading retailers to the finest in contemporary fashion to the best of beauty and lifestyle goods.
The agency employs savvy publicists within the three realms of expertise, allowing for a depth of knowledge and understanding in scope. Bollare thoughtfully layers competencies to create an effective public relations campaign for each, individual client.

Nautics.tv is a media and entertainment technology consultancy specializing in product design, technology integration, and user experience mobile devices, smart TVs, game consoles, streaming devices, and set-top boxes.  Nautics.tv is led by Gerard Kunkel.  Gerard is a media technology executive and consultant with extensive experience in leading company vision and strategy in the development of new products in TV, digital media and entertainment.  From 2011 to 2014, Gerard served as an executive consultant to Microsoft, where he worked with the leadership team in shaping the product plans for Microsoft’s Xbox and TV products and services.  From 2003 to 2011, Gerard held executive roles at Comcast.  Gerard joined Comcast as president of GuideWorks, a joint venture of Comcast and TV Guide.  Gerard also served as SVP, User Experience and Product Design.  In this role he championed a quality user experience as a core business imperative, and established the Comcast User Experience Department (CUE), putting a highlight on the need to design products for television, voice, data, and more as an integrated experience

Wyatt & Jaffe, founded in 1988, is known for engaging high-impact executive talent that the marketplace perceives as unattainable. In 2008 Mark Jaffe was named by BusinessWeek as one of the “World’s 100 Most Influential Headhunters”. Wyatt & Jaffe works with a select list of financial services, high technology, retail and consumer companies worldwide. As new business models evolve, Spiegel Partners LLC looks to have access to skilled recruiting resources in an agile manner so as to either place “go-teams” for high impact projects or to help set the stage for longer-term team building needs.

Podiuum is the video exchange platform for sharing content and organizing conversations. Podiuum transforms short-form video into easily navigated ongoing brand engagement.

Continuing, thoughtful video conversations connecting any number of participants around any topic or community that share a passion or a common interest.  Spiegel Partners LLC is collaborating with Podiuum as a unique tool for leveraging brand dialogue between any brands’ top influencers, fans and the brand itself.

Experienced executive and entrepreneur, Richard Fisher, founded Podiuum. Mr. Fisher is an accomplished content and technology leader based in San Francisco. As a recognized leader in the development and distribution of content and content-related technologies, Mr. Fisher is able to help guide innovative use cases for brands. Mr. Fisher has been at the helm of several media companies including; Technicolor, eMotion, Corbis, ZDTV, RespondTV, KRON, and HBO.