One of our basic principles is that we try to celebrate our audience, not ourselves, if you do something authentic for consumers, they will repay you. Stuart took this philosophy and was able to create a digital strategy that truly engaged our consumers by building a relevant, creative zone that spoke with our consumer and not at them - the reality was, that the combination of content with commerce really paid off - site conversion increased and so did engagement with our brand.
— Geoff Cottrill, VP/GM Converse Brand & Segments



As VP of Digital at Converse, Mr. Spiegel was responsible to build the direct to consumer business online as well as to create a viable springboard from the company website for the brand itself. This required assuring that content was not only an integral part of the overall story, but that it was engaging as well. It was also mandatory that even as a brand site, the channel had to increase its revenue. To accomplish this, the site was engineered with an unusual blend of movement, color and content.  

After the site was launched, a popular site review blog, The Next Web called the site one of the 10 Most Beautiful Sites - They noted that "The Converse website is a perfect combination of interaction, design and stunning photography, and will probably end up keeping you busy far longer than you would expect it to.

Our favourite feature by far on the site is the ability to filter designs by colour, so each page becomes a beautifully colour-coordinated showcase of some pretty cool shoes."

As part of Nike's digital leadership team, Mr. Spiegel contributed an agile mentality towards site development that fostered real engagement with the consumer.